Friday, January 27, 2012

Amazing Survival Comparison

The snow is gone now, along with the below freezing temps. After nearly a week of all white, about 8 inches of it, and temps down to 15 degrees, we're ready for balmy 35 with wind and rain: typical Northwet. Time to check for damages with before and after pictures.

What survived the Arctic blast and what did not?


Yes! (not such a Pansy after all)


Yes! Kale and broccoli looking good.


Oh no! 3,000 gallons of next summer's water became
the new Cistern Creek in one mighty crack.

Ooops, two mighty cracks.
The other one, the little dripper, has to be replaced as well.

Hacksaw, new 2-inch, brass, gate valves, new PVC, iron pipe and a few hours of labor, and we can start the water collection process again. #1's system got fixed today and the remaining water in the #2 cistern transferred to #1.  Next: fix #2.  After that: figure out a way to prevent this from happening again!

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