Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 - First Year Summary

Garden idea was born in March.
Robert was especially eager,
while Robin was quite reluctant.
(Said she has a purple thumb.)

Robert persuaded her to give it a try.
Robin's friend, Gayle, suggested the horse trough method.
We found the "recipe" at Mary Jane's farm on the internet.
Robert voted YES!

Sun we have,
but no level ground,
no well or city water.
Our water drains from the roof tops
into cisterns when it rains.
Deer love our property
and we enjoy them.

Fence? Must be deer proof.
Water? Must have more cisterns.

Horse trough? Good for senior backs.
Good for limited water supply.

Garden was engineered by Robert,
who admittedly didn't think much beyond
getting it built, the fence up,
followed by good mix of soils,
which was accomplished by 
May 1st.

Despite early reluctance,
Robin took over then,
planting, tending, harvesting, cooking.
Robert top watered new plants
until roots were established and long enough
to draw from the reservoirs.

Harvest was grand,
vastly exceeding our expectations.
We ate fresh veggies all summer
and had surplus to give to friends and neighbors.

The horse trough method
works well for our purposes.
The 3' high troughs are easy to tend
and the water use seems minimal.
All the crops prospered with full sun
warming the dirt in the troughs.

We planted winter crops
mid-August and early September.
As of today, Nov. 25, they've survived
three days/nights of below freezing temps,
winds gusting over 60 mph,
and monsoon rains.

We're amazed!
And needless to say,
we will be gardening again next year,
building on experiences this year,
hoping it wasn't just beginner's luck!

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Sweetpea said...

'Green Thumbs' UP to the both of you! Tis nothing in the world like growing your own and you've done so with great tenacity and sheer will...beautiful eats!! I know you think you're still learning, but at the same time, you have a lot to teach, so many thanks for posting all about your process here in our very special island surrounds. I'm envious of your knowledge/experience with water storage, how you've implemented that, etc...