Friday, July 1, 2011

There Are Radishes... And Then There are Rogue Radishes!

This is what our radishes look like.

When our neighbor was over picking greens and radishes the other day, we pulled up a radish that looked like one of these...

Quite long, and pinkish (rather than red). None of us had seen anything like that before. We were afraid it might be "woody," but our neighbor said she'd take it home and try it.  Ten minutes later the phone rang with RAVE reviews from her husband about the rogue radish. Best radish he ever ate, he said, great texture and taste!

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when we were at the hardware store and my wife spotted a packet of Burpee's French Breakfast Radish seeds. There it was, rogue no more, our special radish had a name. Based on our neighbor's positive review of the rogue radish, we bought the seed packet and will get them planted soon!

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