Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Garden Update

Our strawberries are looking lush.

First yield!!! More on the way!

Squash competing with tomatoes for light.
Looks like we'll have a bumper crop in a month or so.
Now we understand why everybody has zucchini to give away.

Red leaf lettuce is producing more than we can eat
and more than we can give away.
Neighbors, please come and get it!
Robin says it's downright beautiful.

This trough is beautiful too,
marigolds setting off the burgundy and emerald green colors
of the romaine heads.

Kale seems to be growing nicely.
We don't have experience cooking with kale
or know when/how to harvest it... yet!

Gunny sack potatoes doing well.
Almost time to add more dirt... again.
Last time, bag will be totally unrolled.

By the way, when watering tonight, all the troughs took water. We hope this is evidence that the wicking process is finally working. The squash/tomato trough took the most water, a liberal amount. It figures because they'd probably have deeper root systems.


Sweetpea said...

What gorgeous EVERYTHING! Don't feel guilty about the over abundance (that might go to waste) - it happens to all veg growers and is just part of the process. Did you folks set up a compost pile somewhere? Reason I ask is that all of your produce that doesn't get eaten (or given away) can go right there and produce next season's "black gold."

I'm still envying your potatoes in sacks...MUST try that.

Tillie said...

You folks are doing a wonderful job! Thank you for the pictures and the recipes! It's very encouraging to hear about the root system taking water from the resevoir. You are an inspiration!