Monday, May 2, 2011


Now that the horse-troughs are "plumbed" and ready to plant, we need to add the dirt. Our gardening friends tell us "It's all about soil... get the right soil mix, and you'll grow great vegetables!" We discovered there are lots of options and lots of opinions on what constitutes the "right soil mix."

For this year, we decided to go with what was most readily available. Our neighbors had purchased 7 yards of topsoil consisting of half compost and half sand. Since they didn't use it all, they suggested we buy it from them.

loading topsoil for garden

Here's my truck getting the first load.

One of our experienced gardening friends suggested we add a half-and-half mix of chicken and steer manure. Following the guidelines on the bags, we added about a half a bag of each to each of the horse troughs.

Robin's parents were both avid gardeners, her dad growing veggies and her mom growing flowers. Her dad passed nearly 5 years ago and her mom just recently. We have a small vial of their co-mingled ashes, which you can see in the picture below Robin is adding to our soil mix for good garden juju.

Just before planting, we also added some bonemeal to the top layer of the soil. Here's how the garden looks, ready to plant the first two troughs...

soil in horse troughs, ready to plant

Note: each of the troughs (6 x 2 x 2 feet) required about 6 wheelbarrows full of soil.


Ed Pert said...

Hi, How did you plumb your horse troughs?

Robert Demar said...

The plumbing is the feed pipe for water. It is 1 and 1/2 inch pvc and it goes from the top of the trough to the bottom. Cut an angle piece off the bottom so it doesn't sit flush. And then you can stick a garden hose in the top to refill what the plants are using