Monday, October 24, 2011

Green Frog Report - Our September Garden Guests

I've lived on this property for 22 years and never have I seen so many green tree frogs as this year. We first noticed them in July (see this post) and by September, they were everywhere... in Robin's flower planter, on the deck, and most of all in the garden. Every time one of us watered, they'd jump from some hiding spot, launching themselves out of the trough. Not to worry. The next day they'd be back.

Robin looked up the symbolic meanings of frogs. Of the many, the one she likes best is the idea of transitions, especially toward greater spirituality. One early evening, she was watching one on the deck railing and suddenly it shot a great geyser of pee out it rear end, making a sizable puddle. A few moments later, it made the most amazing arabesque, sailing off the railing and making a perfect landing six feet away on the narrow leaf of a hellebore in her planter.

Now it's November and we haven't seen any sign of them all month. They're off transitioning, I guess. We miss them.

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