Saturday, September 3, 2011

Garden Shed

Ever since May, when we carried out squash and tomato starts every day, trying to remember to bring them inside at night, trying to keep track of how much time they were outside, all the while wondering if they were sufficiently hardened to plant... ever since then, I wanted to build a garden shed-greenhouse.

Finally that dream is a reality! Only 8 x 6 feet, with a 4' deck, it will serve our needs well. With a big, south-facing window and glass-pane door, there should be plenty of early spring warmth for seedlings to thrive. Plus, we have a storage space for garden tools and supplies.

A local builder, Larry Nave, did the lion's share of the building. We're pleased with his work! Robin and I did the clean-up, shopping, painting, and inside shelving. Now the garden seems complete, unless or until we decide to add a couple more troughs. Although, with four troughs, we have had ample food for ourselves and quite a lot to give away.


Sweetpea said...

dang. now I have shed envy.

Great job you two!!

Ula said...

That's definitely a shed to be envious about. The two chairs are good. It's a nice spot to relax in after tinkering around the garden (or the shed).

-Ula Heximer

Gustav Hendricks said...

One of the best contemporary wooden shed
I've ever seen.

Pearly Craig said...

Indeed the shed style is modern mainly because of the glass window.

Katharine Hoda said...

Wow, the builder of the shedis a one heck of a guy! Truly talented and creative!