Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spinach Bolting!

We have, I think, 6 spinach plants, all of which have been prolific from the get-go.

We always have spinach in our salads and Robin frequently fixes a bit pot of stir-fried spinach (olive oil, roasted almonds, a few cranberries and a huge Dutch oven full of spinach), which is a great treat after buying spinach and parceling it out in meager servings. And still those six plants keep putting out more and more and more leaves! Are we going to turn green ourselves?

Two weeks ago we noticed the plants were bolting, which we learned means flowering, soon to be followed by going to seed. Our gardener friend says the leaves will turn bitter at that point. So, we've been pinching off the tops. It's working so far. The spinach still tastes great and keeps on producing new leaves.

Robin says, "It's so much fun to have a God's lavish of spinach leaves!" We agree that perhaps four plants would be enough next year, although it's been nice to give it away to neighbors and friends.

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